Mr. Wardlaw - The Deputy Secretary for Education and Manpower

On February 21st, 2004 three form four TJCEC students had the chance to interview Mr. Chris Wardlaw at Tai Tong Country Park. Mr. Wardlaw, who is the Deputy Secretary for Education and Manpower was a special guest at the Man Kwan Fund Walkathon. As Mr. Wardlaw is also a well known runner and athletic coach he was invited to run a 10-kilometre course on the day. Pilot Cheung (4B), Robin Kwong (4C) and Afsar Khan (4B) conducted an interview with Mr. Wardlaw (C.W.) after his run.

Pilot: Good morning Mr. Wardlaw. We are school reporters and we'd like to ask you a few questions for our school magazine. We know you love running and that you won the Standard-Chartered Marathon in your age group so what do you think about today's course?
C.W: It was an excellent course. Very enjoyable out through the country park, but the hill coming back was very tough. It was a good run. I enjoyed it.
Pilot: Is this your first visit to Tai Tong Country Park?
C.W: No. I've been out here three or four times to different parts of the park, for running.
Pilot: Will you come again?
C.W: It's a beautiful area - I'll always come back.
Robin: How long have you been working in Hong Kong?
C.W: Nearly two years.
Robin: Do you like your job?
C.W: Yes, I like my job. It's very challenging, hard work - but I enjoy it a lot. I like work. I'm a workaholic!
Robin: What do you normally do?
C.W: What do I do? That's a very hard question. Essentially I'm working on curriculum reform and quality assurance and the examinations' reform. It won't affect you, but it will affect your brothers and sisters.
Robin: Today students are being encouraged to learn outside the classroom through this activity. Do you think this is a good idea?
C.W: Yes - a very good idea. You can learn so much in class, but you can learn equally as much out of class. Teachers are spending more time connecting you with the real world.
Afsar: Do you have any other comments on today's walkathon?
C.W: It's good. Obviously there are a lot of activities and it gets the school community together. Hopefully you'll raise a lot of money and that will help students in the future.
After the formal interview the students continued to talk for a little while with Mr. Wardlaw. They 
all agreed that he was a friendly and approachable person who was easy to talk to.
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